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Playa de los Muertos

Los Muertos is a totally straight huge beach over a kilometer in length, and has the clearest and bluest water of the Nature Reserve. The sand is composed of pebbles that are becoming thinner as we approach the water. The shore has enough slope and covers quickly. For this reason we must warn that the bathroom in this beach is dangerous with a strong wind from the east, if the waves break hard on the beach is hard to leave the water. In any other circumstances, is a splendid beach for swimming, and for this reason in the summertime is a little crowded. Access to the beach is not easy, and not suitable for children, elderly or people with mobility problems. Is accessible by two paths, the first comes from the information point and are 700 meters with quite slope, the second path starts at the end of the parking area and although it is 100 meters shorter is much steeper.

On the right side of the beach there are a couple of huge rocks in the middle of the sand; the beach, of 90 meters long, that is between the rocks and the tip of Los Muertos are known as Cala del Peñon Cortado, and is a more sheltered beach from winds than the big one. On the left of Los Muertos beach there are a cove called Cala Salinicas, this cove has the same features as its big brother and a length of 200 meters. To access to Cala Salinicas we can do it from the sea from beach Los Muertos, or from a road that goes to the left of the parking lot toward the gazebo. Walked about 500 meters we find just above the Salinicas cove, the trail down to the beach is about 200 meters and with a fairly steep difficult stretch.